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Cantaloupe Crisis Round-up

Jim Prevor’s Perishable Pundit, October 23, 2011

Just to help everyone keep track, these are the main pieces we have written about the Cantaloupe situation:

October 4: 2011:THE CANTALOUPE CRISIS: The Truth That Dare Not Speak Its Name: The Priority Can Be Safe or The Priority Can Be Local, But It Cannot Be Both

October 12, 2011:CANTALOUPE CRISIS ANALYSIS: Key Performance Indicators and Food Safety...Shall The Twain Ever Meet?

October 20, 2011: CANTALOUPE CRISIS ANALYSIS: The Need For An Aligned Supply Chain And An FDA That Won’t Punt On Food Safety

October 23, 2011: CANTALOUPE CRISIS ANALYSIS: While “Blame The Auditor” Frenzy Rages, It Pays To Look At Best Practices Vs Standard Practices

October 23, 2011: The Cantaloupe Crisis: Audits, Auditors And Food Safety

October 23, 2011: Trevor Suslow Of UC Davis Speaks Out: Reflecting On Pathogens, Produce, And Practices

October 23, 2011: When It Comes To Audits… Retailers Get What They Specify

October 23, 2011: When A Buyer Is Short Of Product… Do We Have A Plan To Ensure Food Safety?

October 23, 2011: A Call To The Buying Community: Uniform Food Safety Standards Are Required

October 23, 2011: A Choice Had To Be Made: Which Was The Top Priority: Buying Cheap, Buying Regional or Buying Safe?

October 23, 2011: Vendors Risk Much By Not Standing Up For Food Safety Premiums

October 23, 2011: Cantaloupe Crisis Discussion to Take Place At New York Produce Show And Conference

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