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Honduras Cantaloupe Grower:
Model Of Transparency

Jim Prevor’s Perishable Pundit, March 28, 2008

Agropecuaria Montelibano, the company that has gotten caught up in the “import alert” related to cantaloupe from Honduras, has been a model of transparency throughout this difficult situation. They have made many documents available. Some are only in Spanish and some are in English and some in both.

In order to both assist those interested in further research in the area and to serve as an example for other companies to emulate, we are making available a large selection of this information:

  1. Certificate PLc-13-5
  2. Cantaloupe Microbiological Analysis At Origin
  3. Cantaloupe Microbiological Analysis At Destination
  4. Workers Hand Microbiological Analysis
  5. Packing Plant Water Microbiological Analysis
  6. Irrigation Water Microbiological Analysis
  7. Third Party Certificates
  8. Honduran Government Official Visit
  9. Microbiology Laboratory-UK
  10. Microbiology Laboratory-UK-1
  11. Microbiology Laboratory-UK-2
  12. Ready Pac Finished Product Request
  13. FDA Update
  14. Actualization
  15. Chiquita Email
  16. J.O. Sims Letter
  17. Mensage-Hispafruit
  18. Movie Clip
  19. Nondudiario
  20. Mas Noticias
  21. Chiquita Sample
  22. FDA Fumbles Cantaloupe Alert
  23. Honduran President Eats Melons on TV
  24. Honduran’s Want Compensation
  25. Laprensa
  26. Cadena Global
  27. Gobierno Hondureno
  28. Yahoo News
  29. Associated Press
  30. Bounty Fresh Samples Are Negative
  31. Cargo Release
  32. Inspection Sensas
  33. Leavitt Letter
  34. Packing House Visit
  35. Public Statement
  36. Information 15-08
  37. Results 25-08
  38. JP Fresh Scientific Analysis

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