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Sunkist’s ‘Take A Stand’ Program
Gets Kids Involved In Charity Work

Jim Prevor’s Perishable Pundit, May 23, 2008

It doesn’t happen often but every once in awhile everything just clicks. So it goes with Sunkist’s “Take a Stand” promotion, now its fifth summer.

With this promotion Sunkist gives away free lemonade stands to children ages 7 -12 who pledge to raise money for their favorite charity.

It ties together youth, entrepreneurship, service, Americana and, yes, even selling more lemons.

Billy Dean, the Grammy Award-winning country artist, is the national spokesperson for “Take a Stand” and he put together a video last season regarding what this was all about:

Saturday, June 21, 2008, is official “Take a Stand Day” and that is the day Sunkist urges children to kick off their lemonade stand season.

It is not too late to participate, so if you have children between 7 and 12 who are looking for a chance to do some good in the world, have them get involved with the Take a Stand program right here.

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