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Foodservice Discussion On
Food Safety Round-up

As the produce industry has sought out solutions to its food safety problems, many have looked to the practices of foodservice operators. Foodservice operators frequently have an aligned supply chain and this chain, put to good use, has been seen as an effective tool in fighting for food safety.

We have made available to the industry direct input from foodservice operators such as Gene Harris of Denny’s Corporation, whose letter we featured in Pundit’s Mailbag — Denny’s Weighs In On Food Safety Effort, and which detailed Denny’s commitment to food safety.

Del Taco’s Janet Erickson and Notre Dame’s Dan Crimmins began our series of Foodservice Pundit Pulses with the perspectives of two smaller operators.

Then Michael Spinazzola of Diversified Restaurant Systems expanded our knowledge from his perspective as the supplier to Subway Restaurants.

Maurice Totty of Foodbuy, the purchasing arm of the Compass Group, told us how a multi-concept organization thought about these issues.

Ruby Tuesday’s Rick Johnson explained the dependence of even substantial organizations on suppliers when it comes to food safety.

Cheesecake Factory’s Kix McGinnis Nystron and Everclean Services’ Jack McShane gave us a totally different perspective on how compensation systems can be used to encourage a food safety culture.

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