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Letters to the “Pundit”

An important part of the content of Jim Prevor’s Perishable Pundit is provided by industry members and observers who engage with the “Pundit” by contributing information, analysis, commentary and photography on a multitude of issues of industry concern.

The engagement is immense, sustained and consistent. Jim Prevor personally selects letters to run and comment upon from far more input than could possibly be used.

Many contributions are published with full attribution, including name, position and affiliation. In other cases, Jim Prevor protects the identity of letter-writers. In all cases, the identity of each and every contributor is known to Jim Prevor. No anonymous contributions are ever published. Typically Jim Prevor will characterize the position of writers whose identity he is protecting by explaining what role he or she plays in the industry or what connection he or she may have to the topic.

Pieces containing these letters are included in the archives of Jim Prevor’s Perishable Pundit, which you can access here.

In addition, many are included by topic area under our various “Hot Topic” buttons and you can access these here.

However the value of this engagement is so vast and the contributors so prominent — including industry members from every business sector and every continent, save Antarctica, plus a roster of writers including university professors, government officials, lawyers, association leaders, on and on — that we thought it useful to offer a compendium of these contributions in one place. Please note this archive only includes letters we have elected to publish.

We’ve actually divided the letters into two parts.

If you wish to see articles that include letters that are signed and identified, please click here.

If you wish to see articles that include letters in which we have protected the identity of the writer, please click here.

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